Monday, April 28, 2014

How do you join WildStar's Battlegrounds

When we refers to WildStar,u must be familiar wuth WildStar's battlegrounds which is one of the PVP-related aspect.You can start queueing up for the Walatiki Temple battleground once you hit level 6. I asked whether a player can level all the way to endgame in PvP, to which Gordy emphatically replied, "Yes!" I also wondered whether that meant PvP-only players would fall behind the economy curve since PvP in many MMOs fails to provide much in the way of cash rewards and gear acquisition. Gordy assured us that the team is looking at optimizing all aspects of the system to ensure it's a truly viable option for progression, which suggests that PvP isn't something that's just being tacked onto the game.

Specifically, Gordy mentioned that the game will reward PvPers with gear and weapons at various intervals as they level up and acquire Prestige, the currency we earn by being in range of an enemy kill. Landing the killing blow will offer a slight bonus to Prestige earned, but aside from that, everyone in range will earn equal amounts of Prestige whether he's dealing damage, healing, tanking, or crowd controlling. You also earn Prestige by completing objectives like capturing masks in Walatiki Temple, for example. Once you reach level 50, you're not normalized by level (since everyone's 50); instead, you'll be matched by gear score.

How to join battlegrounds?
U > Battlegrounds > select the one/s you want or random -- at your level you can only join Walatiki Temple! GL!

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